A downloadable NinetyEight

You control a shapeshifting geometric object and you must fit it into the holes in the incoming walls by turning into the correct shapes. Get the highest score possible, achieving high streaks to gain even more points. And watch out, the game becomes increasingly harder/faster!


1 - Shift into sphere

2 - Shift into cube

3 - Shift into prism (triangle)

4 - Shift into diamond (Medium+ difficulty)

5 - Shift into start (Hard difficulty)

A,Left - Move left on wall triples

D,Right- Move right on wall triples

P - Screenshot


Inspired by other similar games / mini-games where you have to match the shapes on holes.


PS: The game is called 98 because the "shapeshifting" models have 98 vertices.

LD: LD35 "98-NinetyEight" Entry

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run. I've added the .DLLs belonging to the Visual Studio 2015 redistributables, however I cannot test on my own if the setup works on other PCs. So please leave a comment if you were unable to run the game (.DLL missing)

EDIT: It seems the game is not running on most computers, so you'll need to install the VS 2015 redistributables (x86):

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for VS 2015


98.zip 2 MB

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