A downloadable Boostpong

Classic pong game but with a small twist. Either player can boost the ball to make it accelerate more quickly. If the ball is boosted (blue outline) you must respond by boosting it again or you will take damage.

Boost the ball by pressing Space right before it touches your pad. In addition it is possible to rotate the pad and deflect the ball in a different direction.

It is possible to play local 1-vs-1 (same computer).



  • W,S - Move Up/Down
  • T,G - Rotate Up/Down
  • Space - Boost


  • KP7,KP4 - Move Up/Down
  • KP9,KP7 - Rotate Up/Down
  • KP0 - Boost

You can also play with a gamepad by changing the options in the main menu, although I can't guarantee it will work well with your gamepad. Turn on Analog, boost with L trigger.


BoostPong.zip (Unity) 10 MB